Monday, April 27, 2009

First Ice Cream

I was feeling a little caged-in yesterday. The guys went out to church in the morning, and I stayed home with the Chicken Pox Princess. By the evening, I was definitely feeling housebound. Not so much that I had been, as with Gareth home I had gotten out by myself a couple of times over the week-end, but more in anticipation of the fact that with Gareth's return to work, I would be unable to leave the house with the kids until Rosie's pox have subsided. And, if the boys come down with them, then this could go on for another 3 or 4 weeks.

So, I suggested to Gareth that we have a little family outing before he headed back to work. We couldn't go anywhere inside with Rosie, but Braums does have an outside eating area where we could be alone and not risk spreading the pox.

The boys love ice cream, and they were more than happy to show Rosie how it was done.

Not that she needed much encouragement! She loved sherbet. She did not love the drips on her pants, but after some coaching she got the hang of licking around the edge to catch the drips.

I never thought to warn her about not waving her cone around, but she learned that lesson the hard way. Told you the girl could glare and pout with the best of them! Here she is glaring at Daddy for laughing about the fact that she just bonked herself in the forehead with her ice cream cone.

So much fun! All of these firsts make for special memories. And thankfully the pox are least noticeable on her face, so she hopefully won't hate most of these pictures when she's old and cool!

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  1. Wow, she does have a glare!:)LOL I can barely see the pox on her face. That's good at least....hopefully, she won't show any scarring either.:)