Saturday, April 11, 2009

On the way

This is Gareth here...

I've been given the password and the admonition "NO FUNNY BUSINESS WITH MY BLOG MISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!" (I may have miscounted the !)

I'm just back from taking Sarah and Mom to the airport. They had a 7:15 flight so we were up at 5:00 to get ready. There were a few tears (mostly Noah, but Mommy and Daddy were not far behind).

So they are in the air now heading for Dallas... I've fed the boys (McD's) and tidied up the house (in case Sarah gets to read this in ET). Now I'm trying to get Nathan in to play pants so we can go play outside!

I may get to speak to Sarah in Washington DC before she heads out across the sea so I'll update you on how they are progressing. Don't know how we will get in touch once she is in Addis... I may just have to make something up!

Please pray for Sarah and Mom as they travel - over 32 hours door to door! Fortunately hives are better, but not cured.

Hopefully more later.


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  1. Are you tracking their flights? If not that always seems to make without hearing from them easier and great for kids to get to watch where mama is. We track my step daughter every time she flys to see us from WA to FL and it just makes the whole thing easier on all of us. Praying for a safe flight