Wednesday, April 15, 2009

When can this be over???

I don't know how many more postings there will be from me as it is only 3 days until Sarah gets home... I spoke to her this afternoon for about 15 minutes and she is more than ready for this to be over.

Today they went to the embassy so Rosie now has a visa, or soon will have so that is great, but everybody is really tired now and that is starting to be a real strain.

Tomorrow (Thursday) will be their last full day in Ethiopia. In my last post I may have got Thursday and Friday swapped around, so I am not quite sure what is on the agenda. Perhaps it is the orphanage visits. Anyhow, Friday morning is free time where the families have to choose what they all want to do. Then they will need to get ready to fly home starting Friday night (ET time)

Some families are looking to try to fly out Thursday night, and while I'm sure Sarah was tempted, she pointed out that as there are then 2 US flights to match up, so it was probably too much effort to rearrange.

Still something that y'all can pray for is that Rosie would sleep quite a lot of the long flight from Addis Ababa to Washington DC (15 hours) as that will make it a lot easier for everybody else! They depart from Addis at 10:30 pm ET time so I'm sure everybody will be at the end of their tether by boarding, yet alone take off!

For those who don't consider themselves to be y'alls perhaps you could then pray for Rosie's settling in here. She and Sarah have got of to a great start as it appears that Rosie is a girly girl, but she wasn't so impressed to be told "no" (What 3 year old is?) and that will be a whole lot harder for us to work through once we don't have an interpreter!

In case I don't get to post again, here is a good one to go out with.
It's been fun.

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  1. Thanks for the updates, Gareth! Hopefully the next few days will fly by. -Dana