Saturday, April 11, 2009

I see no monkey business....

Saw this image & couldn't resist it!

Things are still going okay on the home front... it has been like Piccadilly Circus here (Excuse the British phrase), the girls next door have knocked for Noah and Nathan FOUR TIMES in two hours... Apparently they don't understand "I'll send them out after nap time."!

Sunday morning and all are still living and breathing... Sophie the cat is feeling hard-done-by as she spent the afternoon locked in the attic, quite a bit of the night locked in the garage and now it is raining hard! Usually she would have laid on Mommy for a few hours in the night or gone out bunny killing so she is missing out on both her favourite past times.

Sarah is due to land in Ethiopia in 2 hours, by which time we will be at church, so I don't expect to speak to her till Monday.

The boys are both very excited by their Easter baskets, particularly the little bunnies on tricycles. They are busily engaged in imaginary play. Nathan killed a tornado by running it over with his bunny-cycle... Noah explained that you can't kill a tornado with a bicycle... they are sent by God to test if we believe in him!

For all the trials of the sometimes incessant chatter, maybe I do miss out on something by being out of the house most of the day!

Hope to have news of the travellers tomorrow.

In case Sarah gets to see this, we miss you and love you... Still finding hearts and stars! Love, your boys.

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  1. Hang in there, Daddy! You will be a pro by the time Mum gets home again !!! We are praying for you as well as the world travelers!!!