Saturday, April 18, 2009

The ordeal continues

Eventually left Rome not quite 2 hours late... forecasting to be in to DC about a hour late (9:00), less than a hour after this post (Since I got up at 7:00 Central).

So they should be well in to their descent by now. It is that tempting time when it is "all nearly over" but still seams to take an eternity to be on the ground.
The will have been on that aeroplane for about 17 hours now and I know if I was there I would be feeling terrible and more than a little grouchy. Please pray for all my dear travellers that they will experience special grace to carry them through.

If it is like when I came in to the USA for the first time as a 'Legal' they will have to clear immigration and then go to a second step to get more paper work done. It took less than half an hour for me, but it was a nerve wracking time because even though you have a visa, you are not "in" until the immigration official says you are!

Once they collect their luggage, they will have to find the American check in, because there is no partnering arrangement with Ethiopian... they may even have to change terminal. The plan was to travel with only 2 cases on the way back so that should make it easier... I just wonder if Rosie will need to be carried... that would not be good for Sarah's back!

Well I'm just rambling now waiting for Nathan to wake up so we can have breakfast. I checked of about half the items on my cleaning check list last night so I have a bit of work this morning & then need to get the boys out of the house to keep it nice!!!

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