Friday, April 3, 2009

Bringing in the Big Guns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No word from USCIS. I know that the extension was approved yesterday, but they wouldn't answer my question as to how long "back end processing" would take and then how long it would take to get to the National Visa Center.

The paperwork HAS to be in Ethiopia by this Wednesday for us to be able to get a visa. All paperwork has to be delivered one week before the appointment.

I really hate "going above" the proper chain of command, but at this point feel like I have no options left and USCIS was a little helpful, but not enough to fix the problem. So, we're going for broke. Senator Inhofe, Senator Coburn, and Congressman John Sullivan have all been contacted. Congressman Lucas from the 3rd district knows about us as well and has offered help to Congressman Sullivan if needed.

The phrase "Sic' em girl" arrived in my inbox earlier and all I could do was smile.

A relative once told me that my picture was in the dictionary next to the words "Mamma Bear". Well, that's exactly as it should be. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for my kids and Rosie is no exception.

While I was pregnant with Nathan, I was terribly worried. My mom could tell you of many phone conversations where she laughed at me as I cried (Thanks Mom!) because I couldn't imagine loving Nathan enough because I loved Noah so much. Then Nathan arrived, and I was in awe that the love for Noah didn't diminish, I just had a completely new amount of love for Nathan. And it works that way for Rosie, too. Gareth could tell you that every trip we've had away from the boys overnight has ended in my tears. There haven't been very many nights away from them, but even when they're with grandparents I miss them and want to be there for them. It's that way with Rosie, too. I can't explain it, but God has seen to it that there is a love for her in my heart that runs so deep that I can miss someone that I've never met and long for her to be with me. If getting me to her and her home with us means taking on the USCIS and learning to call in the Congressional Cavalry, then so be it!

Look out government bureaucracy! Mamma Bear is missing a cub and she's not in a mood to be messed with.

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