Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Monkey Business Continues

I thought that I was getting the hang of this being a parent thing... I was ready to take the boys to their sitter this morning and still had time to sit down for a few minutes.

At time to go, I called for the boys to get their crocks & get in the van. I had to go back for Noah's bandanna, but got to their sitter just about on time. I opened the side door of the van to have Nathan say "Daddy, I forgot to put on my shoes!", and sure enough there were no Nathan shoes in the van!

Obviously I am not proper Mommy material yet!

Sarah now has access to a computer so some of the more recent posts on her Facebook page are genuinely her, not me posing. Rosie is now full time in Sarah's care and won't go back to the transition home. She has a bit of conjunctivitis (sp?) so Sarah is treating that. And as there is chicken pox going around in the Transition Home, we are praying she doesn't display symptoms until she is home (or preferably not at all!) since she probably shouldn't travel with contagious diseases!

It sounds like Mommy & Rosie are very much in love so I am excited to see them home and see if I can share some of the love!

I hope to get a phone call tomorrow for more in depth details.

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  1. You're doing a good job, Gareth! Thanks for keeping us posted!:) Can't wait to see more pics of Rosie!