Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just A Teaser

We are home and safe, and the jet lag has officially hit! So glad that Gareth will be home with us this week.

Rosie was such a trooper on the trip home. I'm so proud of her. She was brave and took it all very much in her stride.

It will take ages to tell all about the last week, and I won't try tonight. Instead, I'll leave you with just a few pictures of thetrip home as a teaser. Then, as we get rested and settled in, I'll work on posting more about our time in Ethiopia.

Thanks so much to those who prayed. Your prayers were needed and felt.

Love, Sarah


  1. Congrats and God bless your little family!

    Rosie is stunning:)
    Praying you can all rest & relax & recover!!!

  3. Congratulations, Sarah! I can't imagine the relief and the exhaustion you must feel....she's so beautiful!!! Your family is so beautiful!

  4. She is precious and looks tiny compared to her big brothers! I saw you guys from afar on Sunday, but didn't get any good close-ups. I'll be keeping an eye out!