Friday, April 10, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Okay, well I don't actually leave for about 19 hours, but that will come really soon! We leave our house at 5:30 for a 7:15 flight to Dallas, then to Dulles, and then an 8:30 evening flight to Addis Ababa via Rome. From our house to the Guest House in Addis should take 31 hours if everything goes smoothly. Yikes! I've done a 27-hour flight once before. It was brutal!

The hives are slowly improving. They look better and aren't quite as itchy. Hope they keep improving, as I can't imagine not losing my mind if I have to sit for 31 hours while my skin is on fire.

We will arrive in Addis on Sunday evening (they're 8 hours ahead). The itinerary for the rest of our week looks like this:

Monday-Breakfast at the Guest House, then an orientation meeting and lunch at the Addis Hilton. In the afternoon, visit the transition home and spend the afternoon getting to know Rosie. In the evening, visiting a traditional Ethiopian restaurant, complete with dancing.

Tuesday-Breakfast at the guest house. Sight-seeing and lunch out. Return to transition home to spend afternoon with children. We're planning an Easter party, egg hunt, and will spend time delivering care packages and getting photos for those families who are waiting for court dates. This is the day Rosie comes home with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Planning for a quiet evening at the guest house getting to know Rosie and just being together.

Wednesday-Quite morning at the guest house. Leave for the Embassy after lunch for Visa appointments. In the afternoon, doing some shopping, then dinner back at the guest house and another quiet evening. (I'm going to try to avoid doing too much so that hopefully Rosie and I can concentrate on getting to know each other and avoid the stress of over-stimulating either of us!

Thursday-Breakfast at the Guest House, visit Kids' care Orphanage for the morning, lunch out, then visit Gelgela Orphanage for the afternoon, back for a quiet evening back at the guest house.

Friday-Our travel group (I think we're up to 11 families) will vote as to what we want to do today, sight-seeing or shopping, etc...We will then check out at 6:00 for a 10:30pm flight out of Addis. We will arrive back in Tulsa around 5:30 Saturday night.

I'm sure that the whole family would continue to covet your prayers. You could pray specifically:

1. For rest during the journey. From our house to the guest house in Addis Ababa will take 31 hours, if everything goes according to plan.
2. That the hives will continue to improve. The Dr. feels that they are most likely an allergic reaction, but we have no idea to what.
3. That all of our luggage will make it through. I have 3 huge suitcases of donations for the orphanages and am so excited to be able to deliver them.
4. For Rosie. As excited as we are and as much as we love her and can't wait to meet her, this will be an incredibly huge change for her. Please pray that God will give her comfort and courage and the ability to understand what is happening.
5. That God will show me exactly the best ways to comfort Rosie and begin to build a bond with her.
6. For health and safety. One of the little ones in the Transition Home was diagnosed with typhoid fever on Monday, so we are praying that it does not spread.
7. For many opportunities to share the love of God in practical ways with those we meet.
8. For Gareth and the boys while they stay here.

Gareth will update the blog as often as I am able to get a phone call through to him, and as soon as we're back and recovered enough to function, I'll work on posting my journal and some photos.

Oh my goodness! This is for real!


  1. Sarah, I can't begin to tell you my feelings as I read the last couple posts to your blog. My prayers go with you and your mom. As you shared...There is so many "angles" to the whole trip and the adoption. Physical,mental, emotional. God bless you and your family during this exciting (and somewhat trying) time. I am so glad you are going to keep a journal. You will have so many little things you would forget if you were just depending on "remembering".Will be eager for your updates!!

  2. Oh, I am so excited for you! Don't forget to bring a neck pillow or something for the flight. I would have paid big money for one on our last flight. I can't wait for you to get back and we can finally meet sweet little Rosie! We'll be praying for you...

  3. Yes, I can't tell you how many goosebumps I've had just keeping up with your journey. It is also very eyeopening. Praying for you all and Rosie. I'm thinking of your boys' excitement when they meet her! Oh, wow!

  4. We are waiting with great anticipation! We will be praying for you! with love, Karen Wistrom