Monday, April 6, 2009

No Dummy

Noah is very verbal (big understatement). Actually, I think precocious is a word that was made with Noah in mind. He is very social and out-going, confident even with adults and has a vocabulary that astounds us regularly. A vocabulary that is in CONSTANT use. He even talks in his sleep.

Nathan is much more laid back. He can amuse himself and play well by himself for long periods of time. Sometimes it is tempting to think that Nathan isn't as advanced as Noah is, but get him by himself and he will quickly disavow you of that notion.

Last week was rough. I was so busy trying to sort out I171 stuff, that everything else went on the back burner. By Thursday the boys were fed up, and so was I. So, on Thursday night while Gareth took Noah to a birthday party he had been invited to, Nathan and Mommy went on a date. At his request, we went to Golden Corral so that he could have carrot cake for dessert, and then I took him to the mall to go to the play area. He talked my ears off!!!!!!!!!

On Friday morning, he was still feeling talkative. Noah tried to interrupt him, and Nathan told him to "go away and quit interrupting me. I'm having a conservation with Mommy".

The conservation went something like this-
Nathan: Mommy, I want to get some money. How much money would I earn if I sold Bierre (his favorite stuffed bear)?

Mommy: Oh, Nathan, you don't want to sell Bierre. You love Bierre and would be so sad without him.

Nathan: I know. That's why I'm going to sell him to you. You can buy him and give me the money, but I can still have him whenever I want.

Obviously, he's no dummy! Unfortunately, it does seem he might have tendencies towards a career as a used car salesman or maybe on Wall Street. Guess I'd better start working on that.

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