Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Short update from Sarah...

(No Monkey as this is in her own words :-) )

I managed to get into my yahoo account. The power is currently on, unlike yesterday.
Sorry I got cut off and didn't get to say good-bye. 10 minutes went too fast. I miss you and my boys so much. Noah sounded so little on the phone. Had quite a long cry afterwards. Had most of the lobby crying while I talked to you.

Rosie is great. She's so pretty, even more so in person. She was very affectionate and wanted to show me everything. She loved the markers and balloons. She also loved the little mirror in her storybook and would pull my face down to hers so that we could be together in the mirror while I said "Mommy and Rosi". She likes my hair and we spent plenty of time stroking each others' heads.. She was insistent on sharing her sucker with me. Pray I don't catch anything, because I just couldn't refuse.

Her nanny asked if Rosie would have a Daddy. I got our our family picture, and she was thrilled. She spent quite a while with Rosie and I interpreting for me, telling Rosie about her Daddy waiting for her and her big brothers.

She's very smart and wanted to show me how she could write her abc's, and then she said them for me. When I started singing them she was so surprised, but we had a great time singing them together.

She wasn't feeling good at all yesterday afternoon. She had been to the clinic and had 4 injections. She walked so tender and kept wincing and rubbing her thighs and pointing to show me. She also has a runny nose and an eye infection. Right before we had to leave, she also had some diarrhea. Please pray. Anxious to get her back to the hotel tonight and cleaned up and see how she is. There is a chicken pox outbreak at the TH, so we'll have to see if she ends up with that.

The travel group is big and very lively. Feel somewhat out of my league, but am enjoying it. Mom is definitely out of her comfort zone, but I think she's having fun.

We're going to do some shopping this morning, then spend the afternoon at the transition home. Rosie comes back with us tonight. Planning a quiet night in the room with a good bath, dinner at the restaurant upstairs, and then a quiet evening coloring and maybe painting toenails.

I'm going to try again for a cell phone today. If I get it, we'll call you this evening. Hopefully I'll get you before too late. I'm not really sleeping much. My mind is just too busy and full. You wouldn't get the picture of what it is like here, even if I had enough time to describe it. It's fun and heart-breaking and very confusing. So glad the boys didn't come, even though I miss them. Wish you were here.

Love you, Home soon,


  1. So glad to hear from you. We are so excited and praying with you as you go through this. Rosie sounds absolutely precious.Can't wait til you get home and get rested up a little so you can post more pictures. I had to chuckle a little when you said your mom was out of her comfort zone. After 20 yrs, I can see her being that way. She kinda likes "her" ruts! I am getting more like that the older I get. Praising God that Rosie has been so warm and affectionate. What a JOY for you to finally have her in your arms.

  2. I'm so excited for you guys. Rosie sounds so sweet, and the way you describe her, you can just feel the love that you have for her. I'm so happy for you. We are praying for you....take care, and be safe! Enjoy your time there, and take lots of pictures!:)