Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Kayleigh Milestone

Kayleigh has made SO much progress lately!  I know that I really need to sit down and write a post bringing the blog up-to-date with all that has happened with her over the last year, but thinking about writing it all down is kind of over-whelming.  So for now I guess I'll just try to post about current happenings.
My apologies that the picture quality isn't great (in my defense I was trying to snap pictures with 1 hand while I tried to minimise the mess-making), but I thought that you might like to see what Little Miss K and I have been working on this week:
Don't let that annoyed look fool you!  She was having a good time until I got the camera out. 
 Success!  With only Mommy's finger under her arm for guidance she managed to get a scoop of Cream of Wheat and got it in her mouth.

And then, on to a bite managed all by herself.   Can you see the the smile behind the spoon and the cereal?  Success tastes great, and so does Cream of Wheat with butter and brown sugar!
She fed herself her whole breakfast with only medium support from Mommy.  By the time we were done I was wearing as much cereal as she was, but we sure had fun.  And the pride she took in her accomplishment was so obvious!  So proud of my girl!