Monday, April 13, 2009

More Monkey Business

Hurrah! Sarah called today!

It was a painfully short call as she only had ten minutes purchased through an international operator and even that was probably cut short by the battery going flat on the cordless phone (darn technology!)

However, important news was transacted... all arrived safe and sound, though the flights were long. Mom suffered a bit but they are now safely back in the hotel after the first whole day in Addis Ababa.

Sarah has been to the transition home and has now met Rozie face to face. She says that she is beautiful - but no surprises there! She said that Rozie was happy to come to her and wanted to share her lollipop and her drink... & how could she refuse! So we just have to see what illneses she comes down with as a result!

We managed to get a short chat in with the boys too, which I am sure she appreciated - but was difficult for both of us!

Sarah said that she hoped to be able to get a phone card or a rental cell phone tomorrow so that we could talk some more before she came home, so hopefully more news later. But as it is such a large travel group (11 families) I'm sure that the in country support team are stretched!

Tomorrow they go to the Transition Home again, and this time bring Rozie "home" (back to the hotel) with them.
Wednesday is a couple of trips to the main feeding orphanages where Easter parties are planned. Sometime in there is the big paper work party to fill in the visa applications and then Thursday they go to the American Embassy. Friday is a free day followed by travel to the airport to catch a 10:30 flight back to the USA. Put like that, it doesn't sound so long!

We might just make this!

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  1. Have checked the blog several times today. SO GLAD to get the news. Hate that your call had to be so short! We will continue to pray for each and every hurdle to jumped quickly to get them back to you and the boys. Sorry to hear Ruth struggled with the trip!