Friday, May 1, 2009

View From My House

It's been raining this week-a lot!! I knew we were due for more rain today, but so far there had been no trouble with flooding around our neck of the woods. I left for our Dr.s appointment at 9:00. After the Dr.s appointment, I ran to Target to pick up a prescription. It started raining while we were at Target. We left and were headed home by 10:30. On the road in-between Target and our house, there were several spots where the road was covered in water. When I got within 2 miles of the house, I realized that the road was seriously flooded, but I was concerned about turning around and going back, as the roads behind me were continuing to flood. So, I pressed ahead.
Turning into our estate, the entrance road was covered in 4-5 inches of water, and the drainage system was obviously maxed out. But, no problem, we made it onto our road, only to discover that I was almost instantly in water up to the top of the grill of the van. Scary, scary stuff!!!!!!!!!! I made it to the driveway before the van started smoking and managed to get up our driveway, which was over half-way covered in water. I decided not to put the van in the garage until I was sure it wasn't going to explode or catch fire or anything like that, thanks to the abuse it had just endured. I hustled the kids into the house, called Gareth to let him know what was happening, and then went back out to see if the van was okay. It wasn't smoking anymore, so I tried and was gratified to find that it started right away. I put it in the garage and then did what any normal person would do-I took some pictures.
The cat was stranded across the road and kept calling for me to come get her. I called Gareth back and asked him how deep he thought the water was, at which point I was expressly forbidden from attempting to go and retrieve the cat or to investigate the storm drains to see if they were blocked.
When a big truck tried to come through, the waves actually came a couple of feet into our garage. So, it was back inside to start moving important papers, photographs, electronics, etc.... up high in case the water actually did make it into the house. Then onto moving bottled water, the flash lights, and the computer upstais before calling my Dad (I couldn't get back ahold of Gareth) to confirm that I should shut off the power to the house if flooding was imminent and double-checking that I knew how to do this.
And so on it went for the next hour. Then, the Cavalry arrived! The fire department arrived and began to pump water from the over-loaded storm system into the empty field across the road. The water in our yard receded about 8 feet in 3 minutes. Then, the guys who manage our estate arrived and began working on removing debris from the storm drains and the road started to drain. Hurrah!
When it was obviously not dangerous to cross the road, I put on my best "helpless female" face and asked them if they could rescue the cat, which they did. For those of you who know me well, you know that helpless female is not a role I play easily, but for Sophie, it was a price worth paying!
There is more rain forecast for the week-end and for most of next week, so we're praying for a break right now.


  1. Oh my, that was a close call and to have more rain coming! I'll keep you guys in my prayers! We have been having quite a rainy week here too, although not as much as you've had.

  2. My goodness,Is there ever a dull moment at your house ?? Just glad you made it home safe and sound and no damage to the van.... We'll pray that the rain will go around you for a while!

  3. Wow! I don't know if I could have been as calm as you seemed. I'll keep praying that you guys stay dry....rain, rain, go away!