Friday, January 29, 2010

Still Here, Still Have Power

Well, last night's ice storm was not quite as bad as had been predicted. I was very grateful that the roads did not start to get slick until after Gareth made it home from work. In all, we have about a 1/2 inch coating of ice on everything above ground level, but because the temperatures didn't drop far below freezing, the roads are not as badly affected.

Ice on the power lines made for an exciting evening, as our power kept going off. Every time it would go off, it would stay off for a little bit longer, and Gareth and I began to say, "Well, I think it's gone for good this time", but it managed to always come back. The munchkins sure were excited, though, and it made for an interesting attempt at cleaning up after supper to go from lights on to pitch black in an instant. Thankfully, the kids really got the hang of :If the lights go out, just stand completely still. Mommy and Daddy will turn on a lamp and come get you.

Thankfully, the roads weren't too bad this morning, so Gareth waited until a bit later than usual and set out for work. He called after he got there to say that the roads were slick in places, but that he had done fine.

About 30 minutes after he called, it began to snow. And, it's been snowing hard for over an hour now. The munchkins are thrilled! A giant bowl has been set outside to collect snow for snow ice cream, and apart from a math lesson for Noah, we are enjoying a snow holiday! Now, if it does snow most of the day like they are telling us, Gareth might have an interesting drive home tonight, but we'll just wait and see. For now, I'm going to enjoy a fire in the fireplace and a good book!

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