Monday, January 18, 2010

Prayers Answered

Do you remember when I asked you to pray for baby Maura? Well, when I did my weekly check-in on her family's blog, this was what her Mommy had written:

This is most likely one of the best posts that I will EVER write! First, let's recap the week that our family has had. Over the weekend, Maura started sneezing then coughing. Her nose started running on Monday and by Tuesday morning, congestion had settled into her chest to the point that she stopped breathing twice. I freaked. I was able to remember the techniques that we were taught at Vanderbilt, so I knew to tap the bottom of her foot and then give her a light shake to see if she would take a breathe on her own - she did each time, thankfully. She was breathing very shallow and rapid breaths. She wasn't in duress, so in these situations, we have been told that it is better to get her to her doctors instead of the ER because the ER doesn't know anything about her past or her medical conditions. She was tested for RSV. This greatly alarmed me because we had already been told that if she contracted RSV, the chances were great that she wouldn't survive due to her fragile health. In under a week, she lost around 6 oz.
We were already struggling with her refusal to eat and have been basically force feeding her most days. We have to hold both hands down and lay her in our laps and hold the bottle tight so it doesn't go flying through the air when her strong little hands break free and she starts swatting at it. She only says "Momma" when she's mad or hurt - what I wouldn't give to hear her say my name with a smile on her face! She says "Dada" constantly and when I try to get her to say my name, she only repeats "Dada" and laughs.
Well, we had a sleepless night on Tuesday because we were so afraid she was going to start having trouble breathing but she didn't. We headed back to Vandy on Thursday to meet with her cardiologist. She had an echo done and then we waited and waited. When the doctor came into the room, she was very, very serious and then started stating rather adamantly that I was administering Maura's heart medicine inappropriately. I was shocked as I am overly cautious with this. We have a chart that we were given by Vanderbilt, and I follow that very, very closely. It turns out that the doctor was wrong. Apparently, one of the medicines, Coreg, was initially ordered by this doctor at 1/2 of the typical dosage for a child of Maura's age and weight. This dosage was doubled at the appointment on 12/21 so that she is taking the typical starting dosage. The cardiologist thought that she was supposed to be taking double what she was told to take on 12/21. This was really freaking me out now because she took Maura in her arms and started mashing on her abdomen, listening to her heart and chest and then put her on the exam table for what seemed like an eternity. I could feel my own heart pounding out of my chest as I kept thinking that we were about to receive some really bad news.
Well, the doctor placed her back in my arms and sighed as she sat back down on her stool. She said, "Well, I don't have a medical explanation for this but Maura's heart is almost within the normal range." She said that is it within fractions of being normal both in size and function and that when compared to the Echo on 12/21, it is completely unbelieveable and compared to her initial echo the first part of December it was even more remarkable. She said that Maura had made her day - especially considering that the dosage she is taking of Coreg never results in such improvement. Oh, and she had gained 6 oz. since Tuesday and it wasn't water retention! As for me, I was about to lose it right there in the room. I said it was no medical mystery but that it was all God! I was completely blown away. We had had such a hard week that I was prepared for news but definitely not this AWESOME, WONDERFUL, MIRACULOUS news! The day finally came - no more talk of heart transplants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She said that Maura's heart medicine would continue to be increased over the next couple of months and then it would level out to a maintenance dosage for a period of time, maybe even years. Depending upon how she does, it is quite possible that she could even start being around other people as early as April or May! Maura loves other children and I think she's lonely - I know her Mommy gets that way sometimes - as even in the orphanage the nannies said that she would lay beside the other children and reach-out to hold their hands.
This has been a week of revelations for us. We have been working on our post-placement report for our adoption agency and that has caused us to really stop and evaluate our adoption, family, and overall life journey. I realized that had we known about Maura's heart, we would not have accepted her referral as we would not have felt equipped to handle her special needs. Had America World known about the condition, they would not have even offered us the referral. The best part is that God knew all about it and He made sure that no one knew about it until she was home and able to get treatment. It is so amazing to know that had she stayed in ET for even 2 more weeks, the Vandy physicians have stated that she would have likely died. God's timing and plan is so remarkable! God has shown us that He always equips us at just the perfect moment. He provides for all of our needs. He also quilts the pieces of our life so that they all come together at just the right time. This adoption journey has changed our lives drastically and as hard as some days are, we are thankful for each one. Jason and I are praying about some serious changes that we are considering making for the Lord. We feel very strongly that He has given us a strong testimony and that He is working in our lives and wants to continue using us. There are quite possibly career changes coming down the line - we are excited, unsure, and seeking His guidance. Right now, we know this - God is a wonderful, loving father and He will continue to guide our paths as long as we are earnestly seeking Him! Adoption is such an amazing journey - our God is such an amazing god!
It is true, prayer does work!

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