Monday, January 18, 2010

Cake Decorating

Apart from the usual mountains of laundry, schoolwork, and housekeeping, my other big project for last week was this:

Rosie has been home for 9 months, and I finally feel like we have a new "normal" that is doable. My first venture back into the world of entertaining was hosting a baby shower for my sweet friend, Natalie. Natalie, is expecting baby #3 in a couple of weeks, and our small group of ladies got together for lunch to celebrate.

I have been working on teaching myself to decorate cakes for a couple of years now, but don't have lots of time for it. Last year, I didn't manage to decorate a single cake, except for just plain icing for cakes at home. It is so good to finally feel like I have enough energy and there is enough order in the house to take on some fun projects again.

Here's a close-up of the butterflies. I piped them onto wax paper to harden overnight, and then assembled the cupcakes the next morning. This is a variation on a cake I saw in my FAVORITE cupcake book: Hello, Cupcake!

The shower was great. My favorite people, yummy food, loads of little friends over to play with the boys, and I think the cupcakes were a hit!
Now the kids are all excited about picking out cakes. So far, they have selected a cake for Valentine's Day, one for Easter, and Nathan is very excited about his upcoming birthday and the "Swamp Thang" alligator cake he picked out for me to make.

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