Monday, July 13, 2009

Pardon Our Progress

The Many Mini Munchkins and I will be taking a blogging break for most of this week. School is right around the corner and has been moved up several weeks as Gareth and I have made the decision to put the youngest 2 in pre-school part-time (more about that later), so Noah and I will start 1st grade a little earlier than had been the original plan in order to take full advantage of the undisturbed learning time we'll have without the 2 liveliest munchkins around.

So, I have a fun day out planned for us tomorrow, but then we will spend the rest of the week finishing what I have started today-deep cleaning, organizing closets and cabinets, making a list of fall and winter clothing needs, repairing any chipped paint in the house, and just in general making sure that life is as well-organized as possible to give us the best start to the school year and hopefully make keeping up with the housework in the midst of all of the school-term chaos easier. Back soon. Love, Sarah and the M.M.M.

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