Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Catching Up

My apologies for the long absence. Gareth used some vacation time so that we could have a 5-day vacation for my birthday and the 4th of July. The original idea had been to use the time to paint our bedroom (my birthday present), but in the end we played instead!

On Thursday we did the lawnwork and then spent the afternoon having a picnic and playing at the pool. Friday was spent at Silver Dollar City, and on Saturday we celebrated the 4th with friends and fireworks. Sunday was church and recovering from Friday and Saturday, and Monday was a gentle day just enjoying spending time together, pottering around the house and finishing up paperwork in preparation for our 3-month post placement report for Rosie's adoption (Can it really be that Rosie has been home for almost 3 months?)

Pictures of Friday and Saturday to follow.

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