Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Kiddie Park (and pictures of the kiddies)

When my friend Stephanie called to ask if we wanted to go to Bartlesville to visit the Kiddie Park last week, I wasn't sure. After a rough week at home, I was a little nervous about taking the kids out to an amusement park and risking having to deal with any public meltdowns or how hyper Rosie might become, but I also craved the chance to just go and do something fun as a family, so we said yes and had a great evening!

Bartlesville Kiddie Park is a great place! Okay, the hour's drive is long for an evening's entertainment, but the kids had so much fun and it was amazingly inexpensive. Rides for 25 cents, hotdogs and sno cones for a dollar-the whole family had a night out for under $20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are a few pictures from the evening. Rosie is missing from the early ones, because unfortunately she was carsick partway there, so Mommy and Rosie spent the first hour at Wal-Mart getting a new outfit and buying cleaning products to deal with the horribleness in the van. But, having got it out of her system she felt much better and was able to enjoy the rest of the evening.

The partners in crime waiting to catch the train: Noah, Nate, Rosie, Brooke, and Rachel holding Mandy.

Rosie adores Mandy! She calls her "Rosie's baby".

Here is Rosie with Brooke. They show signs of being BFF.

Look at that tongue-the boys loved having their first sno cones!

Noah and Rachel enjoying their sno cones:

We are so excited to see the growing friendship between our kids and I am so grateful for the chance I have had over the past month to get to know Stephanie better and to enjoy a deepening friendship. Now, we're just praying that her husband, Rob (who was laid off last month) can find work here in Tulsa so that they don't have to move.

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