Monday, March 23, 2009

Rosie's Room

Finally, the nursery is finished! As promised, here are some pictures:
The view entering her room
Rosie's toddler bed, compliments of Daddy, and quilt, compliments of Favorite Auntie Keri
I love the rug we found for in front of her bed. It's a rag rug and so soft and squishy underfoot
Close-up of her name and butterflies above her bed
Chest of drawers, shelves, and more butterflies

Flower bouquet from Pottery Barn Kids

(I usually resist all things Pottery Barn due to prices, but got these on sale!)

Rosie's doll ( the first one I bought for her) , the doll bed (compliments of my friend and mentor, Linda), and little quilt (made by Mommy)

I'm working on a little mattress for the doll's bed now. Other signs around the house point to a 3rd little one soon to join us. There's a 3rd hooded towel hanging in the children's bathroom, a 3rd car seat in the minivan, another stool under the bar and a 5th chair at the dining table (with a pink booster in it).
I finished my last round of typhoid vaccine today and have everything packed except for my clothes and toiletries.
Our court date is Friday in Ethiopia(somewhere between midnight-7am here). We should know definite travel dates within 4-5 days provided we pass.
As someone who likes to make plans and be organized, I really dislike this state of limbo waiting for court and definite travel dates. Staying busy helps some, but I will be so glad when Friday is here. Gareth is taking the day off to be home with me when the phone call comes to celebrate together or to have hugs and support if we don't.
I'm sure we'll post as soon as we know something.


  1. LOVE the room and I guess I didn't realize that the court date was actually in Ethiopia (which makes sense now that I think about it). I am so excited that you guys are getting so close after such a long roller coaster ride!

  2. The room is just ADORABLE !!! We are praying for the details to fall into place for you. It is hard to WAIT !!! Sounds like you are all set for that precious little girl!