Monday, March 16, 2009

Back From the Farm

Nathan had been planning his birthday party for months. He started back in December, and had been refining the big plans ever since. The plan: a trip to the farm to spend time with the only person ornerier than him-his Grandpa. Nathan and Grandpa together are big trouble. Nathan refers to Grandpa as "that teaser", and spends the entirety of any trip to the farm seeing how he can tease and pester Grandpa, who happily returns the favor.

He wanted to go fishing, too. Not that a fishing trip is actually about catching fish at this stage of life. It's about riding in the back of the truck in the field, casting your line into the water as often as possible, messing with worms, stomping in cow pies, throwing rocks in the water, and seeing if you can wade in before Mom catches you.

He also enjoyed planning his birthday menu. It was planned entirely for the pleasure of the boy's stuffed animals. He wanted baked tilapia (his bear likes fish), new potatoes (bears like potatoes, too), cooked carrots (Noah's bunny loves carrots), and baby peas (Bunnies like peas, too). For his cake, he asked for carrot cake (bears and bunnies like carrot cake), and he wanted it decorated with carrots and bunnies. King Arthur Flour was selling some great carrot and rabbit cake decorations, so that was easy.

That boy loves his cupcakes! Well, to be honest, he loves frosting, and it's worth eating a cupcake in order to have all of the frosting off of the top.

And now, it's off to unpack, do laundry, and try to get the boys calmed down enough that they'll be ready for school tomorrow!

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  1. Those cupcakes are beautiful and look delicious! Looks like a fun weekend! Your dad asked me yesterday if I was staying out of trouble, and I told him I was trying.:)LOL