Thursday, March 5, 2009

Getting Ready for Rosie

The last few days have been a flurry of activity, as with a deadline now looming close, the pressure is on to have everything ready for Rosie's homecoming. Today was spent working on the nursery. I just love the 3-d butterflies on the wall. I found them at Pottery Barn Kids, but they were in the wrong colors. But, that was nothing that some spray mount and scrap booking paper wouldn't fix. Now they're perfect. The daybed is actually Nathan's old crib. Toddlers at the transition home sleep in cribs, so we wanted to give Rosie some of the familiarity and comfort of a crib, but also wanted her to be able to get out on her own without risking her crawling over the side. Although he wasn't initially convinced by my plans, my brilliant husband used his wood-working skills to convert it into a daybed. And, it worked out great. As it is just over 4 feet tall and she is just under 3 feet tall it should give her at least a year or two's growing room.
Now, on to the curtains, bed skirt, and shelves. Oh, and the doll's bed. We have a very cute little doll's bed that was given to us, and so I am hoping to get a mattress and little quilt made out of the same fabrics as Rosie's quilts for her to have to put her baby dolls to bed.
I have to say, I am in full nesting mode, just like with both of the boys. I haven't started scrubbing skirting boards and outside windows yet, but with about 5 weeks to go I'll probably mange to get that done, too!!!!!!!


  1. That is so beautiful! I love the colors...they go very well together, and I love her name on the wall. It's so precious!

  2. Brilliant husband.... I like that!