Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Hand-me-Down Princess

Last week, we received a bag of "hand-me-downs". Now, I have a love/hate relationship with hand-me-downs. I love getting them, I love passing on Rosie's to others, and I LOVE the sharing that reduces expenses to the clothing budget. On the other hand, it is always so disappointing to open a bag and see something really cute, only to discover that it is torn or has a very bad stain.
And so, when I opened the bag and found 4 adorable dresses only to discover that 3 of them had magic marker or paint stains on them, and that the white one had rust stains, I was SO disappointed. But, after 3 days of scrubbing and mixing and matching 3 different stain removal products, I got all of the stains out, and we got some of the cutest dresses! In fact, I think that the satisfaction that came from managing to get the stains out and ending up with such sweet dresses might have to make me re-evaluate my love/hate relationship with hand-me-downs. I can't wait for the next bag of them now, and if there are a few stains, well that will just be part of the challenge!

The flowers on the white one were a bit past their best, so Rosie and I replaced them with ribbon poinsettias and made it into the perfect Christmas dress.
Rosie is convinced that this is a princess dress. When she saw how full the skirt was and how long it was, she immediately told her brothers that she was a princess and then made Noah dance with her.

Thankfully, Noah was happy to oblige.

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