Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Few Pics from Thanksgiving

Unfortunately, I didn't get many pictures from Thanksgiving. With 3 sick little ones, it was a rather subdued affair. I did cook all of the traditional Thanksgiving treats, but Nathan was the only little one who felt well enough to eat at all.

Still, that meant we had enough leftovers to eat for the next 3 days, which was very fortunate as I was sick on Saturday and Sunday.

Here are the pics I did take:

Thanksgiving Breakfast-homemade ebelskiver filled with cherry preserves

Nathan enjoying licking the whipped cream from the beaters
The pumpkin pie. I LOVE my fall-themed cutters from Williams Sonoma. They make it so easy to make a pretty pie crust! Definitely my best kitchen find of the year-and under $15!

Given the fact that all 3 little ones were sick, I was grateful to have Gareth home for a long week-end for some moral and practical support. We spent a lot of time just playing quietly inside in between visits to the Dr.s office and runs to the pharmacy. And, we also did lots of curling up and watching movies. The kids were introduced to Finding Nemo and Dennis the Menace, and on Sunday we decorated the Christmas tree, put up the nativity, hung the stockings, and then put down a quilt so that we could sit in the living room to eat popcorn and watch the Nativity story. Hopefully we're getting all of our sickness out of the way before Granny and Grumpy arrive in 2 weeks!

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