Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Unexpected Answers

It's been an interesting couple of weeks. Gareth had to take some unpaid leave, we paid for the cost of Rosie's re-adoption, the heater in his truck broke down (and this is after his air conditioning completely died), we started pre-school payments, the air conditioning in the house broke, Gareth was rear-ended on the way to work, and my camera had a little "accident". Ugh!

The unpaid leave had put us behind, and having that many unexpected incidents occur in such a short period of time felt impossible. Gareth had decided not to fix his air conditioning, was talking about going without heating, and I was looking at not getting my camera repaired anytime soon. None of these were matters of life and death, but it was still difficult.

This morning Gareth went to get a quote for repairs to his truck. Imagine his surprise when the check he was given for the damage to his truck was $700 more than what he had been told it would cost to repair the damage from the accident! He called me to tell me that God works in mysterious ways! By doing some of the work himself, we should have enough money to do all of the repairs to his truck, pay for the work he did on the house air conditioning, and have my camera repaired.

I was so excited and surprised! But, I shouldn't have been. Time and again God has proven His faithfulness to me and to us. Our needs have always been met, and many times our wants to. May I always be faithful to share with my children how God cares for His children.

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