Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Prayer Request (and the ramblings of a Concerned mommy)

Would you please pray for our Noah? When I took him in for his 6-year check up last Friday, our Dr. decided to run a urine screen just to be sure there was no infection contributing to the fact that we still haven't conquered being dry through the night.

This morning, Gareth got a phone call at work to let us know that there was blood in his urine. Our Dr. is scheduling an ultrasound of the kidneys, and he wanted us to make plans to bring him back after the ultrasound without the rest of the Mini Munchkins. (Just as an aside, but between my heart ultrasound because of the irregular heartbeat this year and Nathan's ultrasound for a heart murmur the previous year, we seem to be making far too regular a habit of ultrasounds for my liking!)

Blood in the urine is usually a sign of a urinary tract or kidney infection, but Noah doesn't have either of these. So, there are a couple of other possibilities:
1-it isn't a problem, no health issues will be found, it will eventually resolve itself, and all we'll need to do is monitor it
2-it is a viral infection-this one is not very likely
3-injury to the kidney-none that we know of
4-kidney stones-again, unlikely, as we have no other symptoms
5-kidney disease

The fact that our Dr. has made a specific request that we meet with him without the kids was enough to give me cold chills. I spent the afternoon praying for Noah and for us, crying , and trying to focus on the fact that regardless of whether this turns out to be nothing or something my Father loves Noah far more than I ever can. (Yeah, I know, probably sounds a bit dramatic, afterall, this might turn out to be nothing serious, but loving a kid can do this kind of thing to you). As I was praying, I thought back to an evening 2 years ago during our first Spring in Oklahoma.

Because the boys were upstairs playing, I was enjoying the rare chance to watch the evening news while I cooked supper. One of the lead stories that evening was a large tornado that had just ripped through Colorado. The video footage of the tornado was about half-way through, when I realized that Noah had snuck partway down the stairs and had seen the tornado. He was terrified. When the first big storm came through our area that Spring, Noah sobbed. As I pulled him onto my lap, he asked me if a tornado was going to come and blow our house away, too. I wanted so badly to tell him that nothing bad would ever happen to him and that I would always keep him safe. But, I couldn't. Even if I wanted it to be true, it wasn't. So instead I began to try to teach him a lesson that I know will serve him far better through his life.

As we rocked and hugged, I asked him who created the weather. And, if so, then who controlled where tornadoes went. Then, we talked about how much God loved him and the day that Noah had asked God to be His Savior and had given his life to Him. Then we talked about His promise that "all things work together for good to those who love God and who are called according to His purpose". As I reminded him of these things, I told him that I couldn't promise him that a tornado would never blow our house away, but I could promise him that God would never allow anything to come into his life that wasn't for his good.

Oh, how convicting! How easily I forget these lessons and how tempting to give in to worry and fear. How thankful I am for God's patience with me, and how desperately I want my children to learn these lessons now while they are young.

So, would you please pray for us? Obviously, I desperately want Noah's ultrasound and any other tests to reveal no health problems, but more than that, I want to set an example for the munchkins of a life lived resting in the knowledge that nothing comes into my life except that which is sifted through the hands of a loving God for my good and His glory.


  1. Definitely praying for you and little Noah, Sarah.

  2. What a wonderful reminder.
    Sarah I will be praying for you and Noah.
    Dear Lord may Your will be done. In all things let your name be glorified. Amen
    Do you need me to watch the other two while you are at the Doctor? I would love to. Just let me know.

  3. I will be praying for Noah as well as the rest of your family as you endure this time of testing and unknown. Please keep us posted.

    Erica R.