Saturday, September 12, 2009


Woohoo! Rosie's hair is finally long enough to fit into only 2 pony tails! They are so cute, and it really emphasizes the beautiful shape of her face. Look how much hair she has. I can't believe how fast it grows! This picture was taken after I put it into 4 braids while it dried to see how much longer it would be if we didn't let it shrink all up. Rosie was surprised, and we both had a big laugh about her "big hair".
Pretty amazing when I stop to remember how little hair she had in January.
The hair salon that I go to has just hired a stylist who specializes in ethnic hair, so we are planning to have braids put in in a couple of weeks. I tried doing it myself, but couldn't get them tight enough to stay. I'll try again when it gets a couple of more inches growth so that I have more to hold onto.

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