Monday, February 16, 2009

What love looks like

If you were to ask me what love "looks like", my response would vary depending on what the day was like. But, for now, love looks like a Hershey's kiss. To be more specific, a squished up, melted Hershey's kiss that is oozing out of its' tin foil. (I tried to get a picture of it, but couldn't get a decent one.)

You see, overall it's been a pretty miserable week-end. I've been sick and really miserable. So, by last night, I was feeling pretty fed up. I still didn't feel good, my normally tidy house has been turned into a disaster zone over the 4 days I've been out of commission the kids left for church with Gareth wearing outfits that I would never take them out in, the guys hadn't eaten a healthy meal since the last one I fed them on Wednesday, and even though I still felt rotten I needed to face up to a busy week with Gareth's birthday party to take care of, adoption paperwork to take care of, in-laws arriving for a visit, and the need to keep up with schooling the boys. All I really wanted was for someone to tell me to go back to bed and that they would take care of it, but as that wasn't happening, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself.

So, when the guys arrived home from church, I was feeling sad. Until, Noah came in. Hands behind his back, he came over and presented me with his gift," Here, Mommy. I saved it just for you ". And there it was, the nastiest looking Hershey's kiss you've ever seen. Melted, oozing out of the wrapper, its' little paper squished down in melting chocolate, which was also all over his hands.

There had been a Valentine's meal at church after service was over, and the tables had Hershey's kisses on them. Noah had eaten his dinner, eaten his Hershey's kisses, but had saved the last one for Mommy. He fell asleep in the van on the way home, but didn't drop his kiss, hence the melted mess.

Call me a sap, but it was the best Hershey's kiss ever, made even sweeter by the statement to his Daddy, "You know, Daddy, I didn't just bring her a Hershey's kiss. I was showing her how much I love her".

It made me think. On different days, love can "look" like lots of different things. Sometimes I get stuck in my busy life and forget to show my husband, kids, and friends how much I love them. After all, I spend my whole life "loving" them by cooking, cleaning, playing, cleaning up after them, etc.... But, do they feel loved? So, my challenge for this week: find one specific way each day to love each of the men in my life so that they feel it.


  1. SOOO precious,Sarah !!! Would love to see that sweet little "kiss". I hope you are feeling some better. I can relate, but I don't have little ones at home. Have a great week.

  2. That is so sweet!!! I can so relate to this last weekend mine was the same.
    I love when my kids and husband so things like that. It makes being a mom so worth all the hard not fun times.

    I hope you are feeling better. Do you need any help with the party? I would love to help some how.

  3. OK, now you've made me cry! Can you tell Noah FAK misses him dreadfully please? I guess the thing I have learnt since chaos(in the shape of a wonderful man and 2 balls of fluff)came to live in my showhome of a house is that having a clean, tidy, perfect house and keeping up appearances, isn't that important. But being loved and showing you love really, really is.