Saturday, February 14, 2009

Look, Ma, No Training Wheels!

Hurrah for Daddy and Noah! Daddy has used his week-end with the boys (thanks to Dr. Hunter for
prescribing codeine and lots of rest for Mommy) to good effect, and Noah took his first ride without training wheels yesterday. And today, he's a regular speed demon. Like he's been doing it for years. He's so proud of himself, and I'm pretty proud of him, too. He's been really afraid of learning to ride without training wheels (we never could figure out why), but with a little bit of encouragement from Daddy he picked it up really quick. I asked Gareth to get this picture for me and just wanted to pass it on so you could enjoy the fun, too.

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  1. Hey! Well done Noah :o) The first time I rode without training wheels I went straight into a lamp-post! Grumpy obviously wasn't as good as Daddy at teaching :o)