Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Catching Up-What's Been Happening At Our House

With the arrival of grandparents, came the much anticipated arrival of the quilt for Abi Rose's bedroom. When I started dreaming about decorating her nursery, butterflies was definitely going to be the theme. And I wanted lavender, yellow, and green as my colors. But, I couldn't find any bedding that did butterflies in the right colors. Enter my amazing sister-in-law. Keri is quite seriously the most talented arty person I know. She was the one who helped us decorate Noah's nursery, which included hanging clouds, a wall-sized ark mural, and twinkly lights. I cried when I thought about selling that house. I hated the idea that anyone would paint over her mural. But, I digress.
A quick phone call to Keri sorted it out. Yes, she would make a quilt for Rosie. Yes, she could do 3-dimensional butterflies and flowers. And, she did not disappoint. Rosie may never sleep. The quilt is just begging to be touched. The backing is chenille, as are some of the flower petals. The butterflies are slightly crinkly and covered with sequins. There are some with sheer, sparkly wings. I spent ages just looking at all of the detail. Hopefully I will finish the other decorations this week-end, so will post pictures of the whole room when it is finished.

Yesterday, we had a great trip to the Omniplex in Oklahoma City. The boys loved the science museum. It was our first big field trip. I've been saving it until Granny and Grumpy were here for a visit, and I think they enjoyed it, too.Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of most of our favorite activities, because I was too busy playing along. Best things: Science Live-a mad scientist and lots of blowing things up, the water play area-experimenting with building dams, the training simulators for F-16 jets, the model railway, and the fact that the boys passed out before we even got out of OKC and slept most of the way home!

We only managed to see what was on the ground level. And even there, we could have very happily spent several more hours. We'll just have to go back another day to see what's upstairs.
The following picture has absolutely nothing to do with the Omniplex. These are the cupcakes that Granny and I made for Gareth's party on Saturday night. They turned out rather well, if I do say so myself.

Sorry, this has been a terrible hodge-podge. But, hopefully it will give you an idea of some of what we've been doing.


  1. Awww shucks, it were nothin! Glad you like the quilt, to be honest I quite fancy making another one for myself!

  2. Granny and GRUMPY?! LOLOLOL That cracks me up! The Grumpy part!