Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Things That Make a Mommy/Teacher Smile

I don't know what Nathan has "caught", but I like it! (And, I'm hoping that he gives it to the other munchkins.)

Last week having done about 30 minutes worth of kindergarten, Nathan asked if he could take a break. I was a little disappointed, but decided that as we have started kindergarten early that I shouldn't push too hard. So, I said, "Sure, you go take a break and get the wiggles out, and we'll do more later". Not even ten minutes later, Nathan comes quietly back downstairs, sits down in his chair and starts back to work. "Nathan, did you decide you didn't want a break", I asked him. His reply, "No, Mom, I had a break, and now I want to do more school". The same pattern has repeated every day since. Nathan works for a little while, asks for a break, and less than 10-15 minutes later, he comes back without needing to be called. I know that this probably won't last forever, but I sure am enjoying it for now. It's really special to be a part of teaching/learning when they're so excited about it.

Today, he topped it with this: When he told me his math page was finished I asked him to hand it to me so that I could check it. He started to hand it to me, and then pulled it back, saying, "Just a minute. Let me just double check it for messiness before I give it to you". Then, he proceeded to (very seriously) check each number he had written before handing it to me.

If only I could find a way to bottle this drive....

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