Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Please pardon our absence for a few days. Noah and I are taking a field trip for the rest of the week.

We (along with a bunch of homeschool friends) are taking a bus and going to visit the Creation Museum. Noah is so, so excited. He's spent the last couple of months dreading it and wishing that we could take Daddy and the other munchkins. But, now that we have packed (and he's realized that we don't have to take any math or language arts lessons with us), he's gotten really excited and has big plans for all of his "Mommy and Noah time". Along the way, we're going to visit the St. Louis Arch and see 3 states that he's never visited before.

Grandma is coming to stay with the 2 youngest munchkins, and she has a trip to visit their cousin, Gracie, planned, so they have something to be excited about also.

We'll be leaving EARLY tomorrow morning and coming back late on Saturday night. I've packed plenty of extra batteries for the camera, so hopefully we'll have lots to show you.

Please pray that Rosie behaves for Grandma, and that my back holds up for the long ride. I've been having lots of trouble with it since Christmastime (back surgery is great and has done wonders for me, but it obviously was not a miracle cure!), and have to admit to being more than a little nervous about what 12-ish hours on a bus tomorrow will do to it.

But, I am super excited to have this special time with Noah, and Nathan is looking forward to 1st grade when he can take a special trip with Mommy, too. Rosie, well, she's just blissfully ignorant. All she has taken away from our conversations is that Grandma is coming.

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