Thursday, March 18, 2010

Birthday Pictures

Nate had a great 5th birthday! Well, he had a great 5th birthday if you don't count the part where he had to wait for Daddy to get home to open most of his presents-that part was torture.

But, Daddy eventually made it home, and the party could begin.

Scary, almost, the way that Nathan has become a 5-year old, including the need to make silly faces at the camera.

Opening presents was serious business.
Poor Rosie! She still can't believe that it's not all about her. She had a little bit of a hard time coming to grips with the fact that this wasn't her birthday, her party, or her presents. But, she did finally get the idea and enjoyed looking at Nathan's presents. Unfortunately, she has talked non-stop about her "pink princess birthday party" non-stop ever since.

Did I mention that Nathan shows all the marks of having indeed become a 5-year old male?

He loved all of his presents.

Most exciting was the fact that he got a tool belt with Nathan-sized tools just like Daddy's! After supper, they headed straight out into the garage for a wood-working project. He now asks me several times a day if I need a hammer for anything. He's just dying to lend me his hammer!

Since we were having a "big party" on Saturday with his friends, he agreed to save his cake for then. So, we had ice cream sundaes for desert instead.

Then, on Saturday, we got together with Nathan's 25 bestest friends and their parents and had a big party. Most years we only do a family party, but on their 5th birthday, the kids get to choose to have a party with friends. Nathan chose to go to Pump-It-Up, which has the coolest inflatable toys anywhere (and the adults get to play, too!!!!!). My apologies for the picture quality here. The room with the toys was poorly lit, and I just couldn't get my camera to cooperate.

Gareth hadn't been to Pump-It-Up before. I think he might want to go back for his birthday! He and one of the other guys did some racing down the slide, and at one point he actually slid clear off the end and went heels over head. He has some great-looking rug burns on his elbows.

Notice the Mommies hanging out in the background. Several of my friends and I have found that the best way to have a conversation is to take the kids somewhere to jump, then just sit inside one of the inflatables and chat. Seriously-in January I got to have over half-an-hours conversation with a friend, even though we had six kids between us!

Shhh-don't tell, but Nathan loves Ally! He's been quite adamant that he's going to marry her for 2 years now. No lovey-dovey stuff when they're together, but from time to time he comes to remind me that when he's too old to live with me that he's going to marry Ally. (Not sure what her Daddy thinks of this plan!)
After all of the kids had bounced themselves silly, we headed to the party room for cake and presents. Nathan wanted me to make a "swamp thang" cake on a beach. I have to admit, that I was disappointed in the outcome, but Nathan was happy with it.

How fantastic to have a birthday party with that many kids but not have to do any of the cleanup afterwards! And, Nathan loved the party room with the inflatable crown for the birthday boy to sit on.
Did I mention Nathan has become a typical 5-year old male full of typical 5-year old male silly faces?!
He's still pretty handsome, though! We had more girls than boys there. Just so happens that Nathan is friends with more girls than boys. Rosie sure was glad that Brooke is one of Nathan's friends, too.
And, Nathan likes little guys, too. He had plenty of younger kids he wanted on his invitation list, so we had loads of adorable babies for cuddling.

Makes me wish I had one!!!
Just look at those hands. She obviously enjoyed the frosting.
After wrestling with the "swamp thang" cupcakes, it was on to opening presents.
And, once again, opening presents was serious business.

Grateful, I was, that these arrows were suction cup-tipped.

Thanks to all of you who were able to come and helped make Nathan's party so special.

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