Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Scenes from a Winter Snowstorm

With loads of snow expected and very cold temperatures, it was deemed that Inky was TOO old a lady to have to brave it in the garage, so she was given a temporary home on a blanket in the house. I'm not sure who was happier, Nathan or Inky.
I love a fire in the fireplace! Too bad they make such a mess or I'd have one every night.
As always, Sophie found some cozy spots to sleep away the storm. It freaked me out the first time I wandered into the boys' room and one of the stuffed animals sat up and looked at me!

All prepared for power outages.
This was the first time I let the kids collect snow to make snow ice cream.
They LOVED it.

Even Sophie got some.

6 inches and counting. In all, we ended up with 8 inches.
The icicles were amazing. They did a pretty good job of making jailbars over our back windows.

Did I mention Rosie loves snow?

Sledding down the driveway

View from the back of our house

There was a coating of ice over everything.
Once it started melting a bit so that it fell off, we found some funny shapes.

Nathan thought he was going to take Daddy by surprise and knock him into the snow. But, Nathan was the one who ended up in the snow.

The snow wasn't much good for making snowmen, a little too icy. So, we had to settle for making a tiny snow family on the front porch using icicle tips for arms and permanent marker to put on eyes, mouth, and buttons. Thankfully, Rosie was placated with these. She has a snowman obsession.
The kids were loving the icicles that were taller than they were.

Some views from our first venture out of the neighborhood.

It had been years since Gareth and I had sat and done a puzzle together. Now that the kids are a bit older, we managed to do this 1000 piece one. It was our first Photomosaics puzzle, and I LOVED it. 1000s of tiny pictures combined into a mosaic to make one big picture.

Did Imention? It's hard to be a pussycat in a snowstorm!

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