Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Reading Explosion

So, last Tuesday, Nathan read his first words. And, it's just kind of exploded from there. On Sunday he was playing upstairs with his Daddy, when out of the blue he pointed to one of the posters on the playroom wall and said: O-C-T-O-B-E-R, That word says October, Daddy!
Daddy's jaw about hit the floor!

Yesterday, he decided that he wants to write letters. So, he sat down to write a letter to his Grumpy. When he got to some bits he didn't know how to spell, he asked Noah to help him.

He's also decided that he wants to learn about even and odd numbers. I'm kind of letting him set his own agenda for learning right now. We are continuing with phonics and following the Kindergarten math workbooks, but if he expresses an interest in something else, we're going for it.

Looks like Nathan will be reading before he starts Kindergarten! As Gareth likes to put it, "I bet that blesses your Mommy Teacher's heart!" And yes, it does.

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