Monday, February 22, 2010

And, She's Back

As unexpectedly as the "hard times" Rosie blew in, she's blown back out. After 8 days of chaos, she got up from her nap on Saturday feeling great and behaving more like the Rosie we had gotten used to-still REALLY busy and excitable, but able to be directed, loving, and obedient (at least part of the time)!

So, what caused the meltdown? I honestly have no idea. Sometimes when Rosie gets into one of these moods, I can eventually find a trigger and we can deal with it. This time, I've racked my brain and still don't know what was going on in her brain. But, whatever it was, she seems to have gotten it out of her system. We had a great evening with friends on Saturday, a really good day yesterday, and a good day today. Yesterday included Sunday School, church, and taking Rosie to a friend's birthday tea party. Normally, that much excitement would make her really hyper and hard to handle, but she took it all in her stride, behaved beautifully, and even though she was tired, was also a good girl at cherub choir last night. Go figure!

While I can't get her to verbalize what she was thinking or feeling (she may not even know), I think she is honestly feeling much better, as not only has her behavior improved, but she spent yesterday and today desperate to cuddle and hug and talk about loving each other and me being her Mommy. I think the last round was hard on her, too.

Still going to do the reading and follow-up so that we can deal with helping ensure her ability to trust and form strong attachments and hopefully see less of "hard times Rosie".

In the meantime, here's a picture from Saturday night. This is Rosie with her two best little buddies, Rachel and Brooke. They had a great time playing "Princess" together.

Brooke is Rosie's best friend. What a pair they make! Brooke's Grandpa calls them Frick and Frack.

I'm grateful for good friends for Rosie and grateful that my sweet girl was back in time to be able to enjoy having friends over.

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