Sunday, November 15, 2009

Red, White, and Blue

The boys celebrated Veterans' Day this year in unique style. It was Red, White, and Blue night at AWANA, and they were also collecting care package items to send to our soldiers stationed overseas.

Noah had a fantastic time thinking about what it might be like to serve as a soldier in the desert, and then to pick items that would be useful. He chose Gatorade, chapstick, ink pens to write letters home, chewing gum, and a variety of hard candies.

The children were supposed to go dressed in red, white, and blue, and I had visions of making an Uncle Sam costume, but time was short, I was tired, and so we went with something a bit easier.

We attracted LOADS of attention from the neighborhood children, as I took the boys out front to spray their hair. Only time in my life that I've ever heard the word "COOL" applied to the boys!

Anyhow, they loved it.
They wore red shirts and blue jeans, and Noah also wanted his face painted. Face paints were impossible to find, as Halloween is long gone, but a trip to the dollar store found lipliner and eye liners in the right colors.

Thankfully, none of it was hard to wash off afterwards! Now, I need to think up a costume for this week, when they have a Thanksgiving theme. I love AWANA-I'm tired of thinking up costumes, though!

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