Sunday, November 15, 2009

Grand Prix

Noah was very excited to be old enough to be a Spark in AWANA last year, and this year he was doubly excited, as he knew that being a Spark means you're old enough to participate in AWANA Grand Prix.

Grand Prix is a competition building wooden cars that you race on a downhill track. You buy the kit from AWANA, so that everyone starts with the same size block of wood and the same wheels. There are size and weight specifications, but other than that, it is a chance to show your imagination and to try to build the fastest car. Prizes are awarded in each class for speed and for design.

Noah had a great time imagining his car, and he decided he wanted to build Mater, the tow truck. Daddy helped him with the bits that involved sharp machinery, but Noah did alot of the work himself. They had a great time together.

Here are some photos of the woodwork and the race:

Learning to operate Daddy's wood-working tools. Mommy was a little nervous! But, Noah loved it.
Getting the wheels on
Staining the truck-while Daddy encouraged him NOT to stain his fingers.
Finishing painting the eyes

The Finished Product

The Race Track

Watching the Race

Mater might not have been the fastest car, but Noah won 1st Place in the Design Competition! His friend Bailey won 1st place for speed, and I can see many years of friendly competition in the making here.
He is so pleased, and he's already full of big plans for next year's race. So is Daddy. Daddy is especially excited, as Nathan will be ready for Sparks, so there will be multiple cars to enter and multiple chances to win. There is already talk about designing for speed. Sigh. I see lots of saw dust in my future! Still, with a smile like this and the amount of memories made, what's a little (okay, a lot) of sawdust?

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  1. I love that picture of Bailey and Noah! Noah did an awesome job on Mater!