Monday, November 23, 2009

Ingredients for a Fantastic Week-end

1. A Friday night out with "the girls"-my small group friends: great Mexican food, lots of catching up-type conversations, then on to Starbucks for coffees and lots of laughter until the store closed and they kicked us out.
2. A gentle rain through the early hours of Saturday morning= SLEEPING IN!
3. A shopping trip together, where we find that Target is stocking tins of Cadbury's Biscuits and treat ourselves (afterall, Christmas comes but once a year)! The children also found a package of cherry candy canes, which we treat them to.
4. The sun comes out, and Gareth hangs Christmas lights (and doesn't fall off the ladder while hanging them at the peak of the house 20 some feet off the ground).
5. Getting the outside windows washed and the veggie bed finished up for the fall.
6. A trip to Steak 'n Shake where the kids ate for free and we played lots of tic-tac-toe and hangman on the back of the paper placemats.
7. Sunday morning snuggles with Rosie, who came to crawl into bed with us, and was then followed by the boys.
8. A leisurely Sunday morning (I was home with Noah who has a nasty cold).
9. Fixing roast beef, gravy, potatoes, carrots, green beans, and peach cobbler to be ready when Gareth and the mini-est munchkins got home from church.
10. Hearing Gareth say that it was the best gravy he'd ever had!
11. Sunday afternoon naps!
12. An afternoon out in the sunshine again!
13. Hearing Noah read a story with big words like president and illustrated without any hesitation!

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