Monday, November 23, 2009

From the Mouth of Nathan

Warning: This post is NOT for the squeamish or overly sensitive!

Setting the scene: About 11:00 I heard someone creeping around the childrens' rooms, and Gareth was sent to investigate. He came out with Nathan, who said he needed the potty. About 2 seconds after sitting down, there was horrible howling and wailing. Gareth cleaned Nate up and came back to report that Nathan said his bottom was burning. Gareth made sure he was clean, applied some cream, and put him to bed. The howling continued and was intensifying.
Enter Mommy, who got him up, took him to our bedroom, couldn't see any problem, so popped him into the bathtub for a little soak before reapplying the cream. The howling and dancing had stopped by then, but the complaining had not. So, cuddling up with him on the bed, Mommy begins to attempt to calm him.

Mommy to Nathan: You know, Nathan, you probably need to make extra, extra sure that you are really clean after you go potty. That's probably why you're sore.

Nathan to Mommy: I don't think so.

Mommy to Nathan: Well did something else happen tonight that made you sore?

Nathan to Mommy: Well, I think I have a hole in my bottom. I sat for so long in choir, that I think I rubbed a hole in my bottom!

At which point, Mommy found it necessary to exit the room so that she could laugh hysterically without offending the Nater Mater.

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