Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rosie's 4 Year Photo Shoot

In case you haven't guessed by now, Rosie adores having a camera pointed at her! Going to have her pictures taken was definitely her idea of a good time. We got a LOT of silliness to go with the cutness.

I love this next one! It's my favorite. Rosie loves tutu's, and I love having something to add a little covering for the leggings that seem to be everywhere this Fall.
It would seem that Mommy is going to need a baseball bat to keep the girls away from my boys, and the boys away from my beautiful girl!

I realized just how crazy life has become when I opened my photo drawer last night to put the photo CD in it, only to find that I haven't mailed the photos that the kids had taken back in the early Summer yet. Ooops! Guess I have another job to add to the list for this week-end.
Right, have to run. Rosie has her first appointment at the salon for a trim. Then, I am going to attempt to put in braids next week to help with how long it takes to fix her hair in the morning. I wanted to pay to have them professionally done, but the minimum cost was going to be $200! So, I'll just have to learn to do it myself.

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