Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cooking with Noah

The kids all love to help Mommy cook. So, when Noah spotted a children's book called "Cooking the English Way" from a series called easy menu ethnic cookbooks at our local library, he was desperate to check it out and surprise Daddy.

The book was great! It started by offering an overview of the country itself, with a focus on the land, the holidays, and the festivals. Then, it went into good detail about meal-times and finished up with recipes covering breakfast, Sunday lunch, afternoon tea, supper, and holiday foods.

We read it together, and then Noah chose which dish he would like to make and helped me make a shopping list and shop for the ingredients we would need.

Here he is with his Shepherd's Pie. It was fantastic!!!!! He was so excited for Daddy to come home and spent the whole time he was in the kitchen asking me if I thought Gareth would be surprised and if he would be able to guess what he was cooking by the smells.

It was REALLY good! Daddy was very impressed.

And, it was made even more perfect because we got to enjoy it with the first salad from our fall garden.
Overall, I was really impressed with the book, and Noah and I are excited to keep on cooking our way around the world together. I'll post the recipe tomorrow so that our non-British friends can try it for themselves.

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