Thursday, October 8, 2009

Birthday Highlights

Imagine the excitement of being four year's old the first time you celebrate your birthday! Rosie has been so excited about her birthday, and we have had a full month of listening to her sing about it, talk about it, and show us what she likes!

She did have a fantastic day. It started the day before when she helped me to make cupcakes and decorate them with sprinkles.

On Tuesday morning, I heard the boys whispering before their alarm went off. I wondered what they were up to, and several seconds later knew what they were up to, when I heard them sneak into Rosie's room to wake her up by singing "Happy Birthday" to her. We allowed her to open one gift before breakfast, and then she took her cupcakes and treat bags to pre-school for a little party with her classmates.

When I picked her up at the end of the morning, she was very excited to tell us about "Rosie's teacher and class, they sing. Sing Rosie. Sing -Happy Day to you, Happy Day to you, Happy Day to you, Rosie, Happy Day to you". Being sung to by her teachers made a huge impression and I think was the highlight of her morning. Her teachers sent her home with a balloon and a kite, which she was also very proud of.

In the afternoon, she had a lot of fun receiving phone calls from family, which helped to distract from the pile of presents waiting for her.

She loves pizza and boo beer (root beer), so that's what we had for supper.

Here are some photos of the evening:

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