Sunday, October 25, 2009

Missions Conference Brunch

I haven't done much cooking at church since Rosie came home, and I miss it. Catering for a big group is much more challenging with 3 little munchkins running around, but I agreed to cater the missions conference brunch and we had a great time!

This year, in addition to the cooking, I also did the decorating. Here are the results.

We spent all morning on Friday decorating the room. I found these great paper plates at Hobby Lobby and borrowed the gold chargers.

Then, I used a variety of tall grasses in very simple vases to add height and complement the autumn color scheme.

I put out some simple glass votives and scattered some great artificial fall leaves to finish off the tables.

When we finished decorating, it was off to buy the groceries and then into the kitchen to start on the food. Our menu for the brunch was: hashbrown quiche, fresh fruit salad with yogurt and granola, and homemade cinnamon rolls.

Making 90 cinnamon rolls in one evening is no small undertaking! My arms were so tired by the time I'd finished kneading dough and rolling it out.

But, the end result was SO worth it.

Here's our serving table. I didn't get pictures of the quiche, as by Saturday morning I was too busy to get all of the pictures I would have liked to.

And, the end result, by Saturday afternoon, we all went home and collapsed! We put in 13 hours on Friday and were back at church by 6:30 on Saturday morning and were well and truly exhausted by the time it was all cleaned up on Saturday afternoon. The whole family had a 3 hour nap, and even then I had a terrible time waking up poor Nate.

But, we loved doing it. It's such a great opportunity to bless our missionary families, and we're already looking forward to next years' Missions Conference.

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