Thursday, October 8, 2009


Because we were not present when the Ethiopian court system declared Rosie to be a Moffatt, we had to apply to re-adopt here in Oklahoma in order to obtain her American citizenship.

Yesterday was the day. The judge who was scheduled to hear our case decided to take the afternoon off and didn't bother to inform our lawyer (you can bet I'll remember that when election time comes around!!!!!).

Thankfully, another judge agreed to fit our case in with his others, so we did get heard after all.

It was a very quick process, a quick look at our paperwork and the request, swearing Gareth and I in, affirming a few statements, and that was it. The judge stamped his signature on the bottom, and Rosie is now legally Abigail Rosina Moffatt.

Don't let the picture fool you. She may look all sweet and subdued and serious, but the minute we were done, the judge leaned over to talk to her, and she gave him a big grin, grabbed the zipper on his robe, and yanked it down!

Yep, that's my daughter! How one little girl can look so sweet and innocent and be so totally ornery is beyond me.

Now, it's off to apply for birth certificates, social security numbers, and then her citizenship paperwork! The paperwork mountain is still not over!

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