Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Blessing in Disguise

Gareth came home from work two weeks ago with the news that in order to avoid more lay-offs at work, every employee would be required to take a week of unpaid leave.

This was not immediate cause for celebration, in a year that has seen adoption and travel expenses, a summer that has seen us decide to put our youngest two in a private pre-school, a month that has seen Gareth's truck have trouble and a period of time when I am longing for a REAL vacation (aka not staying home and not counting visiting one or the other of the sets of parents as vacation).

But, God knew what we needed. After a week-end visiting family (where we did have lots of fun-pictures later), this week finds Gareth at home playing "Mommy" while I have the opportunity to work on lesson plans for this year's home schooling. I am already feeling so much more prepared for the year ahead and am grateful for God's provision of just what I needed in order to be ready for school to start, even if the answer to that prayer did come in an unexpected way.

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