Saturday, August 15, 2009

Another Bedtime Picture

Now, you might be about to say, "Doesn't that girl have anything better to do than to take pictures of her kids while they're sleeping". And, you might have a point. But, they're just so darned cute asleep (and most of the rest of the time, too).

I've been wishing that we could go ahead and put bunk beds in the boys' room and get them into their own beds. I had big plans to do that this Christmas, but a certain "downturn" in the economy, which led to no raise, no bonus and other economic woes in our little family put the kaibosh on those plans. And, really, maybe that's a good thing. I think the little guys might be lost without each other. After all, it would be a whole lot harder (and more dangerous) to get out of bed so that you could go crawl in on your brother's side for a cuddle in the middle of the night if your brother was in a bunk bed!

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