Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rosie's Welcome Home Shower

Rosie's "welcome home" shower was Tuesday night. It was a great evening surrounded by my most special friends here in Oklahoma, and many of their little girls turned out to help welcome Rosie home. She loved her first party and was absolutely spoiled rotten.

As much as Rosie enjoyed the evening, I think I enjoyed it more. I found during the 2-year adoption "pregnancy", that adoption can at times be a very lonely road. You are "heavy with child" for much of the time, but with no outward signs, very few people are there to ask, encourage, or be excited with you. At times, I have been so saddened by those in close proximity to us who have never acknowledged that we were adopting, or once Rosie was home, didn't even acknowledge our joy at the addition of our daughter. But, I was incredibly blessed with a small group of friends from my small group and our church, who never forgot that despite the lack of outward pregnancy signs I, too, was expecting. Their friendship, moral support, prayer, encouragement, and for some of them, financial support, was a true life-saver. Tuesday night was such a sweet time to celebrate the end of this journey and the joy of finally having Rosie in my arms.

Here are a few pics for you to enjoy:

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  1. AWESOME! I can't imagine the ups and downs that you did go through getting your daughter, but I'm sure I can barely imagine how happy you are either! I'm truely thrilled for you and your beautiful family Sarah! God has blessed you beyond measure and I love that you don't take that for granted! I love reading your updates on the kids. It seems that Rosie is fitting right into the family!!