Monday, June 1, 2009

Best Buddies

Just look at those faces! Noah has made a best friend. His name is Jacob, and this friendship is even sweeter as Jacob is the son of Melissa, my best friend from high school. Even though they've only been together twice, these two have formed an instant bond.

Melissa and I didn't meet until my senior year of high school, but we made the most of that year. I won't go into all of the details, but we made up for lost time and had a FANTASTIC senior year. We were good students and made great grades, but we also played hard, had loads of fun and got into way more mischief than any 2 girls should get into. It looks like Noah and Jacob are well on their way to being as good of friends as we were, being just as mischievous and having just as much fun.

Melissa and her family were able to spend the week-end with us, and it was the first chance we have had to be together for more than a couple of hours since the year after high school. 13 years have passed, but it was so good to see that the best friendships are not changed by time and distance.

Melissa will be moving soon, so instead of being 4 hours apart, we will be several days apart. Thank goodness for blogs, facebook and the telephone. As I type, I am listening to the sweet sound of Noah and Jacob on the phone together. They talk for a minute or two, say how much they miss each other, talk again for a while, repeat how much they miss each other and then move on again for another little bit before starting all over about missing each other and wishing they could live next door to each other.

Mel, I feel like the boys do. I miss you and wish you were moving next door to us, not to Pennsylvania. I'm grateful for your friendship and the chance to see your sweet Jacob become Noah's first very best friend. Praying that for them, too, it will be true that time and distance won't change the friendship they have made.

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  1. me, I'm going to miss you guys, and I've had my fair share of second thoughts. Wasn't it sweet, listening to them? Jacob was just so excited that Noah was calling him today. Could Jacob maybe call Noah either this weekend or early next week? I know he'd love to talk to him again. He keeps saying, "Wouldn't it be nice if we could live next door to Noah?" He was telling Grandma all about it today.